Artist Statement

The ancient flow and spirit of the traditional Chinese painters and calligraphers inspired my works as a contemporary Chinese abstract artist. My artwork has inherited the very spirit of the 5,000 year old Chinese culture as well as the fundamental essence of its many, dynamic philosophies to be found in the traditional Chinese paintings. My art style has added the delicate infusion of the contemporary as well as the dramatic visual language tone of attention.

My works include the recognizable eastern temperament, the exotic ingredient of the contemporary visual style, as well as the interpretations of composition and aesthetics that form the very chemistry of my own personal style of art. My efforts embody the spirit of the traditional Chinese painting style not only in the views at the appeal of the physical world but also permits the viewer to perceive the unseen and exciting reality of the unexplored universe.

I have chosen to communicate directly with the viewers through the use of vibrant color experiences. Combined with my years of western studies, I have been able to mold and create a unique, visual dialogue and experience resulting in a true “East Meets West” style of fresh, exciting, and vibrant form of expression.

My work is the sum total of my many journeys through the bold lands of imagination, as well as my fresh perspectives of Mother Nature and the richness of my own universe. My overall artistic mission was to lift the viewer from the gravitational pull of reality and soar to greater heights, to gain entrance to a more energized celestial state of being and personal involvement.

Member of the world Chinese-artist association
Member of Chinese fine artist association
Appraisal committee of Chinese Mural Art association

Master of Fine Art: Mural
Mural department at the center art college, Beijing, China. MFA

Bachelor of Fine Art
Art department at Mongolia normal university, Nei Mong, China. BFA

Member of the world Chinese-artist association

Visiting Professor at Reuter Center of University of North Carolina at Asheville

The vice chairman of city sculpture office, Shenzhen, China

Associate Professor of Art
Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China

Assistant Professor of Art
Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China

Teach in mural department, at Center Art College, Beijing, China

Graduate student advisor, Center Art College, Beijing, China

-Other professional activity

“Trace” solo exhibition, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Appalachian State University, North Carolina, USA

“Pastoral” solo exhibition, Rocky Mountain Art Center, North Carolina, USA

“Garden of Souls” solo exhibition, University of North Carolina at Asheville, USA
Solo exhibition, South Main gallery, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Work selected by “Chinese Oil Painting Artist Complete Collection”
Work selected by “Chinese Mural Art 100 Years”
Award Best Excellent, The First Mural Exhibition, China

Exhibit in Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, Shenzhen China
Design and Install mural for Gelian De Hotel, Shenzhen, China

Exhibit in France Paris, “The city of Art”, Paris, France
Exhibit in “Ge La Ha” gallery, La Defense, Paris, France

Art director of “The exhibition for children’s tapestry” at the Hexiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
Award of Excellence, art works exhibition for found state fifty years in Shenzhen, China
Work selected by “The collected works of mural department at the Center Art College”
Publish, “The art work selected in Shenzhen at twenty years”
Design and Exhibit tapestry for Kingrol art carpet group

Art work collected by “Chinese Artist” Art CD-room compile by the Chinese art research institute Visit USA, Portland, OR
Design and install the mural “gold, wood, water, fire, soil” for Shenzhen Zongdian information Piazza
Work Published in “The Chinese Expert Dictionary”

Design and install the mural “information epoch” for the middle school in the Overseas, Chinese City

Design and install the mural for the beautiful mountain Hotel in Nanchang, China
Exhibit in “oil painting for Hong Kong recursive”, Hong Kong

Work Published in “The Selected Works of Chinese Modern mural”, China

Work Published in “The collected works of Chinese Fine Art”, China
The member of “visit American”, investigation the museum of Art
Design and install the mural for hospital of Chinese medicine Center, Shenzhen, China

Exhibit in Hong Kong modern gallery

Engineer the grand mural of environment motif, Preside by country
manage at the Wulanfu museum, Neimong, Baotou, China

Work collected by “THE SEG HITACHI”, Shenzhen, China

Design and install sculpture for Shenzhen hall and gymnasium,
Shenzhen, China

Design and install mural for power supply of Shenzhen, China

Art adviser of the SEG Group, organize to put on display in Beijing
Sarian Award, “Sarina” culture prize of Mongolia government
Design & install mural for reservoir headquarters in Shenzhen
Painting Award, “Dapeng” literature prize of Shenzhen government

Mural Award, the grand prize of recreation and sports department,
collected by art gallery of China

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